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Item I

General Terms


The Biblical quotes contained on this page are the copyrighted property of their respective publishers. While they may hold copy rights on the translations that they have published, our Creator God retains all rights to the content therein. You are hereby given free rights to the intellectual property they are based on. You are granted the right by our Creator God to accept, embrace and proclaim the truths they contain or to reject, renounce, disregard and defile in any manner you see fit. Please note though that our Creator God has established, and retains for eternity the sole power to establish and enforce due reward and penalty for the response to the truths contained in said Bible.  (see Item III.)


Item II

Warranty and Guarantee


 Our Creator God has established a warranty and guarantee which He extends free of charge. Eligibility for said Warranty is granted to all of humanity. Said Warranty is for the term of one (1) lifetime. Eligibility for said warranty will expire upon the death of the participant. Participation in the guarantee is voluntary and is provided at no cost to you the participant. All costs and obligations have been paid in advance by Jesus Christ (herein referred to as the Guarantor) and are contingent only upon your acceptance. This guarantee shall consist of the conveyance of the rights of heir to eligible participants and is non-revocable. The rights conveyed by this guarantee shall include but not limited to the following: Eternal life and free access to our Creator God, Forgiveness of sins not limited by degree or quantity, Unending love and acceptance of our Creator God as well as all other participants (herein referred to as the Body of Christ). The participants sincere belief in Jesus Christ, the Guarantor, and the public proclamation of same will constitute acceptance of said guarantee and will establish all rights as described as well as those not described upon the participant. These rights are non-transferable to the degree that each participant must enter into an individual relationship with the Guarantor. While it is the sole right of the Guarantor to establish and confirm said guarantee with the individual participant, it is expected that the offer of a lifetime such as this will be highly cherished and referrals will be made to all other eligible participants by you.


Item III

Specific Terms and Limitations


Our Creator God has for eternity held sole and exclusive rights as final arbiter of truth and the rewards and consequences contained in same as stated in Item I. While the rewards contained in the truth as outlined in, but not limited by, Item II and the acceptance thereof are made available to everyone, in same manner, no exemption other than those offered by the Guarantor, Jesus Christ, will be accepted. While the right to reject said terms are allowed to all without exclusion, participation in the truth is mandatory. If at the end of one (1) lifetime the offers made by our Creator God have not been accepted, by His sole authority, our Creator God will have no recourse but to exercise judgment for same. Rejection of the truth and the guarantees offered by Jesus Christ will result in: The full penalties provided for sin. Such penalties have been published and made known as eternal separation from our Creator God and eternal confinement to hell. While it is the express desire of our Creator God that none of His Creation should be subject to such penalties and provision has been full made for the avoidance of same, the final judgment will be irrevocable. Also note that no guarantee or warranty whether expressed or implied is extended to the exact term of one (1) lifetime. While general timelines may be expressed they do not constitute a guarantee for the length of the term. Our Creator God retains all rights to terminate or extend said term at His sole discretion.



  I accept the terms of this offer


    I reject the terms of this offer


   Please tell me more.












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