1. Worry - Adrian Rogers

Answers in Genesis is a premier creation / apologetics organization. Highly recommended.

2. Northwest Creation Network is a Seattle area creation organization. They sponsor the annual Creation Conference.

    There are a number of outstanding videos from previous conferences posted on their site. A must see!


3. 7 wonders creation museum a must see for visitors to Mt. St. Helens. See the EVENTS page for creation walk 2008

4. Institute for Creation Research a good solid creation organization. First class research and publication, highly credentialed staff.





1. Josh McDowell has been an outspoken apologist and passionate crusader for truth.

    His conversion from antagonist to defender of the faith is inspiring.


     Check out his YouTube videos. Outstanding!



2. Probe ministries is a great resource for apologetics information. There are very extensive articles, video, audio and links on this site.

     They also produced a video and training resources that they have promoted to dovetail with the movie Expelled called Redeeming Darwin. In partnership with EvanTell ministries they have made this excellent video production available at extremely low cost so it could be distributed affordably. I would like to personally thank Probe and Evantell for this major contribution. Click HERE to see a preview.